luni, 9 noiembrie 2009

RTS =2= 2009 Memories

Dear Tribe,

Thank you for making my experience with you THE GREATEST EVER! or... so far :)

And also I was renamed from CaRrr-Toff to Valeu Go-Rrrila!

I had the opportunity to work with 10 individuals with whom I hope I'll have the pleasure of working again in the future, and I would like to nominate them all:

Alexandra Nichita aka Mama Rrromida
Alexandra Bese aka Shorique
Dorin Oltean aka Stefan
Teodora Nichita aka Urs-ulla
Cristian Sandru aka Rras-tig-nitu
Laura Miclea aka Cur-cu-bella
Stirbu Constantic aka Tica-l-ossu
Emanuel Urdea aka Pirrro-Manu
Radu Paraschivescu aka Secerila Drujbescu
Danny Ritiu aka Rrra'tzush'ca

Also I loved the newies! I have never seen such a huge excitement and high spirited new members. They shouted like no one did and Poiana Zanelor heard them!

Also I am happy to know that the delegation from AIESEC Targu Mures is a strong and united one. This could be seen at our daily delegation meetings that we had to share our experience through the day.

And congratulations OC Team for thinking of this wonderful theme of the conference and IMPLEMENTING IT! It was by far the best conference I have ever been to! :D

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  1. Nelutzu cartofel I'm so impressed about your article that I would hug you if you where here:)I'm glade that I met you and you had a great contribution to this conference being so cool! And of course you like the newies :P A big kiss from AIESEC Cluj-Napoca!